When it comes to watch brands that are bold and innovative, people can't help but think of Ulysse Nardin. Beginning in 2018, Ulysse Nardin has applied the "X" element to the watch. "X" has a special meaning. It is an adventure, an inner desire, an unknown thing, and a symbol of taboo, boldness and passion. The form is presented in different watches. On the skeleton X watch, Ulysse Nardin has constructed a powerful and transparent movement to reveal the time mystery of the watch.

 On this Ulysse Nardin Executive Skeleton X 3713-260/BLACK watch(Replica Ulysse Nardin Executive), Ulysse Nardin took a different approach by transforming the "X" element into four hour markers on the dial. These four hour markers are connected to the central rectangular frame, and the rectangle is Located in the ring of the entire dial, the stacked geometric structure makes the appearance of this watch look more "cracked".

The Skeleton X watch has been redesigned. The case is 42 mm in diameter and is made of black DLC-coated titanium material. This material is light and strong and can reduce the burden on the wrist. The surface of the case has been carefully polished and the model number is engraved on the side. The crown on one side is also made of titanium and can be operated to adjust the time.

The hollow dial is a major feature of the Skeleton X watch. "Skeleton" means bone and skeleton. In this watch, we clearly see the "skeleton" of the movement. The watchmaker removes the extra parts of the movement as much as possible, but at the same time, it does not affect its durability or shock resistance, and better exposes the mechanical operation. This has high requirements for the strength of the watchmaker. The hour markers and hands are covered with a luminous coating to facilitate the wearer to read the time in a dark environment. This watch has clear lines, as if it comes from the future, bold and eye-catching. The watch is equipped with rubber or alligator leather straps for the wearer to choose from. You can choose different straps according to your own style.

 The UN-371 movement mounted on the watch is redesigned from the UN-171 movement and is innovated. On the front of the watch, you can see the extra-large and ultra-light silicon balance wheel at 6 o'clock, the nickel weight block and the self-adjusting micro flakes. The silicon balance wheel is hollowed out, which is very beautiful when rotating. The movement has a power reserve of up to 96 hours, and the remaining power of the movement can be seen at the position of the barrel on the back of the case.Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches