Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 60 Years Of James Bond Watch Omega Seamaster Diver 300M). The watch was specially launched on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the birth of the 007 series of movies. On the back of the watch, the familiar image of Bond appeared in a dynamic form. The case material of the watch is made of fine steel material suitable for daily selection. The diameter of the watch follows the more commonly used 42 mm of the Seamaster series 300-meter diving watch. Friends with small wrists will only know whether it is suitable for them if they actually try it on. In addition, the bezel and dial of the watch are dark blue, inspired by the 300-meter diving watch of the Seamaster series in "Golden Eye".

The watch features a blue unidirectional rotating bezel and a blue dial made of oxalate-anodized aluminum with a laser-engraved wave pattern. The hour hand, minute hand and hour scale of the watch are all treated with luminous coating, which endows the watch with a powerful luminous display function. This allows the watch to provide clear time information to the wearer in a dim environment. The traditional inverted triangle logo on the bezel of the watch is replaced by the number "60", which is different from the regular 300-meter diving watch and has a special commemorative significance. The mirror is made of arc-shaped wear-resistant sapphire glass mirror, which has been treated with anti-reflection, so we can clearly see the details of the dial of the watch.

The matching stainless steel mesh bracelet is more skin-friendly than other metal bracelets. In addition, it also adds texture to the metal appearance of the watch. At the same time, this is also the mesh bracelet that echoes the titanium watch worn by Bond in the movie "No Time to Die". Through the transparent sapphire glass mirror, this James Bond 60th anniversary watch is here. The back of the watch is decorated with a pattern made by microstructure metallization technology, which reproduces the classic opening scene of the 007 series of movies-Bond silhouette and spiral gun rifling. This dynamic effect adopts the method of running synchronously with the "lollipop"-shaped central second hand. The continuous character pictures are similar to the animation effect we saw when we were young. The static pattern can form a dynamic effect through continuous flipping.Omega Replica Watches